I’d love my house to be more vintage-inspired and I do have a few pieces that I love but I’m just not that confident with vintage furniture shopping. Dresses and trinkets, I know where I am – I have a better idea of what is worth what, how it would look on and whether it’s in good nick/fixable. And, apart from anything else, I often just can’t afford vintage furniture pieces.

Shoot me down if you like, but I’ll hold my hands up – I love IKEA and I often find they have some lovely vintage-style pieces.

I am currently coveting this bureau for my office, which I spend a significant amount of time in these days!

IKEA Hemnes bureau: £199

It comes in black-brown and grey-brown too but I think the white has the most vintagey, shabby-chic look.

I also really like this linen cabinet, but it’s too big for my little house (things in IKEA always seem to be much bigger in real life than they look on the site/in the catalogue.

IKEA Hemnes Linen Cabinet: £209